Our Products

Eurofa has built a reputation for providing unique, top performance “People and planet friendly” products and is now available to buy in store.

Exceptional Shave

The ultimate 3-in-1 shave and skin care experience. A unique balance between botanical ingredients and advanced science, this moisturising solution eliminates the need for additional pre and post shave products. Great for those who face shaving challenges such as super sensitive skin or though bears. 

Revitalizng Treatment

A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Dry, itchy flaky scalp? Fine, thin or thinning hair? Whatever your scalp situation, Revitalising Treatment is the solution. User daily after Complete Shampoo, this product promotes healthy scalp and hair through a blend of botanical extracts and advanced skin care technology. You’ll feel it tingle and know it’s working. Eurofa’s ProAmino Peptide Complex™ soothes irritations; increases scalp circulation brining nutrients to the papilla and improving the overall scalp environment. Strengthens and moisturises the hair leaving it feeling and looking great.

Scalp Rescue

Scalp Rescue ™ is an innovative treatment for fine and thinning hair that helps keep the hair he’s famous for. Scalp Rescue ™ delivers a maximum does of Eufora’s ProAmino Peptide Complex ™ This proprietary technology works above and below the scalp to revitalise balance and protect, creating an optimum scalp environment for healthy hair to grow and develop.

Thickening Elixir

Prepare to run your fingers through thicker, fuller feeling hair! This one of a kind product leaves hair feeling thick but without any sticky or tacky feelings. Work through damp hair and add a shot of hot air from the blow dryer for maximum results. You’ll be amazed at how great your hair feels and what’s more, it’s actually good for your hair and scalp. Eurofa’s ProAmino Peptide Complex™ provides “wear-in” treatment benefits for healthier hair and scalp.

Complete Shampoo

A premier cleansing product is the essential first step in achieving healthy hair, scalp and skin. This concentrated and moisturising formula delivers gentle yet superior cleaning without leaving you feel dry, and you’ll love the fantastic dense and creamy leather. Europe’s ProAmino Peptide Complex™ helps to soothe irritations, unclog pores and reduce excessive oil production.

Molding Paste

Delivers texture and body with a natural sheen for medium, pliable hold. Eufora’s ProAmino Peptide Complete ™ provides “wear-in” treatment benefits for healthier hair and scalp. Petrolatum free formulation won’t clog follicles or leave behind any white residue and makes it easy to wash from hands and hair. Great for frizz control.

Grooming Cream

Just enough hold and just enough shine. Perfect for a well-groomed look without stiffness. Provides an anti-humectant to control frizz and enhance natural curl and wave. Delivers a light to medium hold for versatile styling that is easily re-workable throughout the day. Will not build up on the hair and is petrolatum free. Eurofa’s ProAnimo Peptide Complex™ provides a “wear-in” treatment benefit for healthier hair and scalp. 

Texture Putty

This super strong hold yet pliable styling putty let’s you mold, form and solidify your style without the slightest bit of “crunch”. Perfect for all of today’s contemporary hairstyles. What’s more, we don’t use any petrolatum so it’s easy to wash off hands and hair and won’t cause build up or clogged follicles. Eurpa’s ProAmino Peptide Complex™ provides a “wear-in” treatment benefit for healthier hair and scalp.

Pliable Pomade

Innovative styling tool that provides control and pliable hold without the slightest bit of “crunch”. Won’t flake and easily rinses clean from hands and hair. Perfect for creating fun, funky styles or more traditional well-groomed looks while adding shine and texture. Eurofa’s ProAnimo Peptide ComplexTM provides “wear-in” treatment benefit for healthier hair and scalp.

Firm Hold Gel

All day staying power for your style. Super hard hold traditional gel utilises cutting edge technology for a styling producing that wont flake and rinses clean. Great for short or longer hair styles or those desiring “wet” look. Improve hair and scalp health with the added benefits of Eurofa’s ProAmino Peptide Complex™ .